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Although we at New Minds apply a personal recruitment process that is based on the candidate's requirements and wishes for a workplace, a resume is a central part of the process. Often, your first contact with New Minds is a resume and when we introduce you to a company, your resume complements our presentation of you to the customer. That is why our consultants and recruiters now share their best tips for writing a vicious resume!

No time to read? No worries, just download our resume template!

New Mind's resume template

The shorter guide...

... for writing a vicious resume.


The fact that a resume looks good at first glance can be more important than one might think, so invest time and energy in creating a resume that looks good and has good content.

Choose contact information that is up-to-date and looks professional, do not be afraid to add your LinkedIn or Github accounts. Begin your resume with a brief introduction where you tell a little about yourself, your goals and why you are submitting your application. When you list your education, work experience and other experiences, it is a good idea to add an explanatory text under each point where you write things such as specialization during the education, work assignments or what you have learned during each assignment.

Save your resume as a PDF when it's time to submit to avoid eventual formatting problems, it also look better!

The longer guide ...

... for writing a vicious resume.


First and foremost, it is important to remember that the appearance and layout of your resume can actually affect a potential employer's perception of you. This does not mean that you have to be a graphic designer in order to create a good resume, but it can be a good idea to either spend some time making your resume look stylish, or to find a resume template that you enjoy. For example, you can download New Mind's own CV template and base it if you feel like it. There are still many who say that a good CV should fit on one page, but that is not something we at New Minds want to sign up for. An airy and well-structured resume is easier to read, be it one, two or three pages.

The categories that you as a job applicant should choose to include in your CV can vary depending on what kind of job you are looking for and what qualifications you have. Below we have listed a few examples of categories and filled in with tips on what to think about when writing each category. You can experiment with the order of the headlines, starting with the category that is most relevant and that you feel most proud of. When you are done, remember to submit your resume as PDF and not as doc / docx. This way you will avoid formatting problems and it looks more professional.


Having a short induction to your resume is a very good idea even though you often attach a personal letter. Briefly presenting yourself, telling you why you are submitting your resume and what you have in mind for the future is a great way to make your resume more personal. If you have any requirements or desires regarding the job you are looking for, this is a good place to write it. The introduction should only be a few lines or a few sentences long, otherwise it can make your resume less comprehensible.


Remember to list your programs in chronological order, to include between what years you went to the programs and to mention which degree(s) you received. Don't be afraid to add one or more lines of text after each education if you want to tell about any particular focus you chose. You can also include extra important courses or achievements that you are proud of. For example, if you have read courses in areas that are in demand for a job, it can be good to highlight it in the text.


Here you highlight jobs, summer jobs, internships and other professional work that you have completed. Just as with education, it is good to list your experiences in chronological order and print out how long you were at each workplace. Here it is also important to write a small text about each workplace you have been to and don't be afraid to be specific. Remeber to mention details such as which software, programming language, framework or models you came in contact with. A working title might get bland if there is no good description of the work assignments! Regarding references that you have received while working, you usually do not need to print them in your resume, but it may be good to mention that you are happy to provide references on request.


In this section you should not be afraid to brag, be sure to include everything that might be relevant to know for an employer. There may be things like you volunteering, being active in the unions, taking a leadership course, developing a computer game or learning a programming language or framework in your spare time. If you have done any major projects in school or in your spare time, don't forget to tell us about this! Again, point things out but remember that it isn't wrong to write a sentence or two after each experience that a recruiter can read to get more information.


Of course, it is important that companies can get in touch with you after seeing your resume. Enter your phone number, email and address. Think about an extra time before choosing which email address you write down, that it is an email that is checked regularly and that it is an email address that has the form or something similar. Among the contact details, you may want to have a link to your Linkedin page, website or Github if you have any of it.

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